E-Sposrts Bonus Calender


Bets are accepted before the start of a fight as well as LIVE. All fights are streamed online. Fights are held in a ring which is an elevated platform fenced by ropes.

Available markets:

  • Win. The winner is the fighter who takes the belt or briefcase suspended above the ring.
  • Item Will Be Taken (Yes/No). Will an item be taken from underneath the ring?
  • Fight On A Ladder (Yes/No). Will a fighter be hit when on a ladder at a time when both fighters are on the ladder? The moment of the first hit is taken into account.
  • Table Will Be Broken (Yes/No). A table is considered broken if it’s fallen to pieces. Tables that fold instead of break are not counted. An already broken table taken from underneath the ring is not counted.
  • Second Ladder Will Be Taken (Yes/No). There must be 2 ladders in the ring. The same ladder thrown into the ring on more than one occasion will still be considered one ladder.
  • Steps Will Be Broken (Yes/No). This is a bet based on whether the steps on both sides of the ring will be fully broken.

Duration: ~15 minutes.

Watch streams of a crazy multiplayer game Rocket League. It combines rocket-powered vehicle races with football, basketball and hockey! Enjoy this unique game and place bets!

All matches are streamed online. Bets are accepted on Football, Basketball and Hockey before the start of the game, as well as LIVE.

Available markets:

  • Win, Draw
  • Double Сhance
  • Handicap
  • Total (Over; Under)
  • Team Total (Over; Under)
  • Total (Even, Odd)

Duration: 5 minutes.