DURAK Game 1xBet


Who doesn’t know the card game Fool? This is the most popular gambling battle in which up to 6 players can take part. Usually, Fools are played for fun, but on the 1xGames portal you can win real money!

Game rules and features
Each player is dealt 6 cards per hand, one card is drawn from the remaining deck, which determines the trump suit.
The user who has the smallest trump card (for example, 6 or 7) makes the move first. His opponent needs to fight off a card according to seniority, or a trump card. If it does not work, then the player takes all the cards for himself.
In the process, you can throw up cards that coincide in value with those that are already on the table. For example, if there are two sixes and an ace, you can throw another six or aces.
If the opponent was able to cover everything, the cards go off. All players collect new ones from the deck, so that in total there are 6 cards on hand.
The battle continues until one of the participants discards all the cards. The loser is the one who has the cards in his hands.
A draw is also possible if you manage to fight back and your hands are empty.

Features of the game Fool from 1xGames:

if you have 18 cards on hand, you automatically lose;
the game uses a standard deck with 36 cards;
the winner receives the multiplication of the initial bet with a coefficient of X2;
if there is a draw, the bet is refunded.

How to play the Fool?
We decided to help all newcomers and publish detailed instructions for playing DURAK. First of all, you need to register or log in to the portal using your username and password. The battle is not in the demo mode, so you need to replenish the account before the game. You can make a transaction with a credit card or with an electronic wallet.

Step by Step Actions:

Indicate the amount. At the bottom there is an auxiliary scale with various rates.

We look at our cards. In the first hand we fight back, the game automatically highlights possible cards.

We managed to fight back, so now it’s our turn to walk. We throw out unnecessary cards. Throw cards. When the distribution is finished, click “End of turn.”
If there is nothing to hide, click “Take.” Try not to draw a lot of cards, otherwise you will automatically be credited with a defeat.

We finish the game and get a legitimate profit!