Blackjack Switch Game


Blackjack is one of the most popular gambling games that has captivated millions of users around the world. There are several variations of the card battle, another modification has recently appeared on the site 1xBET – Blackjack Switch. Consider the new product in more detail.

Description of Blackjack Switch
For the game, 6 decks consisting of 52 cards (from deuce to ace) are used. Unlike standard blackjack the user is dealt cards on two hands at once – 4 cards each. The main goal is to score more points than the dealer, but not exceed the threshold of 21.


If the player and the dealer gain an equal amount of points, the bet is returned to the user.
You can make an exchange between hands by transferring the top two cards. This will allow you to get a better combination. Exchange is available at the very beginning.
If the dealer has 22 points or more, and you do not have too much, the bet is also refunded. But if there is blackjack at least on one hand, the user is entitled to win.
Blackjack of two cards is in priority. If you have collected 21 points with an ace and a ten, and the dealer has three or more cards, you will automatically become a winner.


The rules do not differ from the usual game in 21. All pictures except ace give 10 points. Cards of a lower rank correspond to their face value, for example, 2 gives two points, three – 3, etc. An ace, depending on the hand, gives 1 or 11 points. With a “soft” combination, the ace is considered as 11, with a “hard” one – 1.

An example of a “soft” combination: ace + three.

An example of a “tough” combination: ace + king.

When the second ace appears in his hand, he always counts for 1 point, because two aces in total automatically give an excess of 22 points.

How to play Blackjack Switch?

Then the cards are dealt, the user is given 4 cards (two hands), the dealer takes 2 cards from the deck and opens the top one. If this turns out to be 10, the croupier can check his hand for blackjack.

Game progress:

You see both hands. If necessary, you can make an exchange.
If the existing combinations are not strong enough to win, you ask for another card from the deck. If necessary – one more.
You can stop at any number of points (up to 21 or with blackjack). If you are not lucky and 22 points or more have fallen, defeat with brute force is automatically counted.
When you stop adding from the deck, the dealer opens his second card. If he has less than 17 points, he takes an extra card from the deck.
With a “soft” hand with 17 points (when an ace is available), the dealer is allowed to take another card.
If you type 21 in any hand, become a winner and get a win with a coefficient of X2. When iterates over, the bet burns. If your combination is stronger than that of the dealer, you are also considered the winner.