How to win at 1xBet slots?


Do you want to always be in the black? Do you like getting daily winnings? Then this article will be extremely useful. We will pick up slots for getting a big jackpot, give some useful tips and tell you how to manage a bankroll to always have a profit.

Slot machine selection
When choosing a slot, it is important to consider the variance (the ratio of all payments for a particular device), there are three types of one-armed bandits:

with regular but small wins;
with intermittent small wins and irregular big wins;
with large payouts that are extremely rare.

If you have a solid bank, we advise you to take a chance and pick up slots with high dispersion. Example: Blood Suckers.

You can determine the level of dispersion in the demo mode. If you won several times after 10-15 spins , but the virtual currency account has not changed much (small payouts), then this unit is low-dispersed. And if you managed to get a big profit, but only 1 time, then the dispersion level is medium / high. You can also navigate by the payout table: the higher the maximum coefficient, the higher the variance and less substantial amounts of money.

It is important to consider the provider, for example, the developer MicroGaming has a payout percentage of 88-98%, and NetEnt – from 94 to 98%. Always give preference to licensed slots, their payout percentage is much higher, and full confidentiality and security during various operations is preserved.

Bankroll management
When playing for a long distance, you need to accurately determine the amount of capital. It is also required to establish an upper and lower threshold, how this amount can change. The upper limit means the amount of winnings, after which you stop playing (per day, weekly, monthly, etc.), and the lower limit – when you should stop and withdraw the remaining funds from the account.

Experienced users order a payment after each game session. This technique will help save the winnings and protect against complete bankruptcy.

For bets, determine one amount, usually it is no more than 10% of the total bank.

Helpful information
These tips will help you always “stay afloat”. Even if a particular day was unsuccessful. With a competent approach to playing in a virtual casino, you can make a profit in the long term, having recouped all the costs.

Use all bonuses from the casino. This can be free spins, multiplication of the initial deposit, cashback or loyalty points. After registration, you won’t be able to get additional currency, but active users have a good increase due to various promotional offers.
Do not try to recoup. If you were unable to win in a particular slot, it is better to switch to another one. In an attempt to recapture the lost amount, you risk losing even more.
Do not play to win. Could you achieve a profit of 5000 rubles? Withdraw funds and start the game the next day. Do not risk all your earnings.
Have a clear installation on the game. Create a table where you will make all the wins and losses, write down profitable machines. Reporting is very disciplined.