World of Tanks is an adventure to the men’s world


Only a deafmute couldn’t hear about this game. The popularuty of World of Tanks which is cintinually increasing can be compared only with an obsession of with a special kind of drugs. The game is an addiction for billion of people around the world.

Every year the number of WoT players breaks new frontiers, and photos of vexed wives with the inscription “waiting for my husband from the war” acquired a viral effect on the Internet.

What is World of Tanks? This is a tank arcade simulator with real tanks, the characteristics of which are close to real ones. Almost all famous tanks of the 20th century are represented in the game, including even such an exciting one as Mouse – the largest tank in history.

You can explore the game on our website Not only to explore but you also can place a bet on. World of Tanks involves the streaming of a multiplayer game.

  1. All bets are settled after an event ends.
  2. The minimum stake on any single selection is €0.20.
  3. The maximum stake is determined by the bookmaker for each selection individually.
  4. The bookmaker may change stake limits without prior notice.
  5. Should members of staff commit errors or should any software failures occur at the time of bet acceptance (e.g. obvious misprints in the odds, inconsistencies between the odds displayed in the Sports/Live sections and on the bet slip etc.), or should there be other indications of bets accepted incorrectly, the bookmaker is entitled to declare such bets void.
  6. In the event of unsportsmanlike conduct that influences the outcome of the battle such as complete inaction of allies or a team kill, the bookmaker is entitled to declare such bets void and settle at odds of 1 (stakes will be refunded).
  7. Bets are accepted before the start of a match as well as during the course of a match (Live bets). All matches are streamed online.
  8. A team which has destroyed all the vehicles of the opposing team or captured the opposing team’s base is declared the winner.
  9. If, at the end of a match, both bases are captured or neither team has destroyed all the vehicles of the opposing team in the available time, a draw is declared.
  10. Bets are accepted on a random battle in the multiplayer online game “World of Tanks”, team members are chosen at random.
  11. The number of points scored by each team equates to the number of the opposing team’s vehicles destroyed in any manner.


  • Win;
  • Handicap;
  • Total (based on the score);
  • Capture The Base.