The game “Truth or Lie”


“Truth or lie” is considered one of the most popular games, it is always in demand at parties when it becomes boring. The purpose of the game is to guess whether the host is telling the truth or lying. Who could solve the deception, then receives a prize.

Game Description True or False

At 1xGames, the game is presented in a simplified form. The users see a pretty blonde girl with a deck in her hand. She draws out a card from time to time. You should decide what suit the next card will have. A girl can lie or tell the truth.

Thee are two buttons to select: I believe and I do not believe. Before the card is revealed, the question arises of its suit, for example, the next card will be red. It is for the user to decide – he agrees with this statement or casts doubt on it.

If you win, the initial bet is multiplied by the dropped coefficient (from X1.94), if you make a mistake, the whole amount burns out and you need to start a new round.

How to play?
First of all, you should to log in to the website entering your login and password.You are beginner several registration methods will be available – the simplest of them involves only an indication of the country of residence and the currency of the account. You will also need funds for the game, you can replenish the balance in any convenient way: from a credit card, from an electronic wallet, in cash, from a mobile phone account or through various payment systems.

Further actions:

Enter the amount of the bet. There are buttons on the control panel for quick bets for dirrenet amounts.
Determine the outcome:lie/true.Click on the button “Believe” or “I do not believe.”
With a predicted outcome, the prize is automatically credited to the balance, you can start a new game or take a break.

Game strategies
Experienced users are advised to adhere to the same strategy with the choice of a single answer. There is no need to try to analyze the distribution – in True or False cards are generated randomly, therefore, it will not work to calculate the moves.

With this tactic, you bet a certain amount (preferably starting with a minimum) on one outcome. If you lose, increase the bet twice, if you win, you start the whole cycle from scratch.