Let’s watch cricket match online


For the time being people are conditioned to stay home. Should we forget about our favorite sport? Of course, not. Online games have been quite popular since they were developed. And now it is precisely the time when everyone should try it.

Not only people play tradition online games, as Dotta and League of Legends, but also we can take part in eCricket, eFootball and so on. How to play and bet on Ecicket? Lets’s observe this question piont by point:

  1. FIVE 5 matches (Esports Cricket) consist of one innings with each team bowling maximum five overs. One over consists of six deliveries.
  2. Before a match begins, a draw (toss) is held and the winning team decides whether to bat or to field first.
  3. The team which bats first attempts to score runs over the course of five complete overs. Then the opposing team bats until they score more runs than their opponents or until five overs of six deliveries each have been played.
  4. The team which has scored more runs is deemed the winner. If both teams have scored an equal number of runs, the team which has lost fewer wickets (i.e. has had fewer batsmen dismissed) is deemed the winner. If both teams have an equal number of runs and an equal number of wickets lost, the match ends in a draw.
  5. When bets on totals in the match, team totals, totals in overs and totals per delivery are settled, the number of runs scored by the teams counts, including any extras.
  6. Bets on the “Total Fours” market are settled subject to the number of deliveries from which a team scores exactly four runs excluding extras. Four runs can be scored either when the ball reaches the perimeter of the field having hit the ground at least once (and thus having not been caught by the fielding team) or when batsmen score four runs while the ball is in play.
  7. Bets on the “Total Sixes” market are settled subject to the number of deliveries from which a team scores exactly six runs excluding extras. Sixes can be scored either when a ball is hit over the field boundary by a batsman without the ball touching the ground or when batsmen score six runs while the ball is in play.
  8. When bets on the “Highest Opening Partnership” market are settled, runs scored (excluding extras) before the first batsman is dismissed will count. Should no batsman be dismissed, the result of the respective team’s opening partnership will be the total number of runs scored by the team excluding extras.
  9. All bets are settled after an event ends.
  10. The minimum stake on any single selection is €0.20.
  11. The maximum stake is determined by the bookmaker for each selection individually.
  12. The bookmaker may change stake limits without prior notice.
  13. Should members of staff commit errors or should any software failures occur at the time of bet acceptance (e.g. obvious misprints in the odds, inconsistencies between the odds displayed in the Sports/Live sections and on the bet slip etc.), or should there be other indications of bets accepted incorrectly, the bookmaker is entitled to declare such bets void.

Don’t miss your chance to enjoy betting on eCricket!