Daily Lottery


Pay attention to a new promotion offer! You can try your chance once a day as well as once a week, once a month! The conditions of promotion offer are simple and easy to understand. Frist of all, you should register on our web site or log in. Then find the sector “Promotions” on the headline of your screen/ Ater that choose the promotion offer you are searching for. You will see “Bonus Games” within other great promotions.

Choose “Bonus Games” and you will come across “Bonus Games”. Press on the sector and enjoy your lucky chance. Read the foolowing information on th game gonditions to be sure that you do everything right.

We offer a daily lottery draw. Players buy lottery tickets with unique 6-digit numbers. The number of tickets is not limited.

How to play

1. Choose the number of tickets you want to buy. The more tickets you buy, the higher your chance of winning!

2. Click “Buy”.

3. Wait for the draw and get real cash winnings!

Someone else won today? Not to worry!

The tickets that have not won in the daily lottery will be entered into our weekly lottery draw, and then the remaining tickets get another chance to win in the monthly lottery draw. This means the chance of winning increases all the time!

Become one of those lucky people you always hear about on the Internet! Change your life for the better by taking a step towards winning!