1. 1.1. 1xBet Betting Company is the organizer of this promotion.
  2. 1.2. This offer is available from January 1, 2020 to May 1, 2020 inclusive (hereinafter – Promotional period).
  3. 1.3. The promotion takes place in accordance with these Rules.
  4. 1.4. Changes and additions can be made to the terms and conditions of this Promotion during the Promotional period or at any other time.
  5. 1.5. The winners will be determined at RANDOM from the participants who have made at least ONE correct prediction.


  1. 2.1. Register/Log in to the 1xBet Betting Company website.
  2. 2.2. Make a prediction for the upcoming match. You can change your prediction before the start of the match.*
  3. 2.3. Check the match result – if your prediction proves to be correct, you will automatically qualify for the prize draw. If your prediction turns out to be wrong, then you can make a prediction for the next match.
  4. 2.4. At the end of each month, 1xBet will randomly select 3 winners. Information about the prizes will be sent to their email addresses and their abbreviated/incomplete names will be posted on the website.
  5. 2.5. Once the winners have been announced, the list of prize draw participants is updated. A new list of Participants will be formed, from which 3 winners will be randomly selected in the next round.
  6. 2.6. The Participants who did not win a prize in the previous draw will get a chance to win prizes in the next rounds of this Promotion.***please note that a Participant cannot make predictions for all of a month’s matches at once. A Participant can only make one prediction at a time. Once the relevant match has finished, the next prediction can be made and so on.**winners of the previous draw also have every chance to win a prize in the next rounds of this Promotion.


    1. 3.1. The prize fund of this promotion is made up of the following prizes:
      1. 16 VIP tickets to Camp Nou for FC Barcelona home matches*
      2. 8 Standard tickets to Camp Nou for FC Barcelona home matches
      3. 5 gift certificates to use at the FC Barcelona Official Store worth the equivalent of 150 euros
      4. 5 gift certificates to use at the FC Barcelona Official Store worth the equivalent of 100 euros
      5. 5 gift certificates to use at the FC Barcelona Official Store worth the equivalent of 50 euros

      *The matches for which tickets are provided are selected by the promotion organizer at their sole discretion

    2. 3.2. In total, 3 randomly selected winners will receive the following every month:
      1. Winner selected first – 2 VIP tickets for an FC Barcelona match and a gift certificate worth 150 euros to use at the FC Barcelona Official Store
      2. Winner selected second – 2 VIP tickets for an FC Barcelona match and a gift certificate worth 100 euros to use at the FC Barcelona Official Store
      3. Winner selected third – 2 standard tickets for an FC Barcelona match and a gift certificate worth 50 euros to use at the FC Barcelona Official Store
    3. 3.3. Prizes cannot be exchanged for other prizes or their cash equivalents.


      1. 4.1. Only those who are of at least 18 years of age and have registered on the website are eligible to take part in this Promotion.
      2. 4.2. Persons who do not meet the eligibility criteria cannot take part in this Promotion or receive prizes.
      3. 4.3. By taking part in this Promotion, Participants confirm that they have read the Terms and Conditions posted on the offer page and fully agree with them, and they also confirm their compliance with the requirements specified in Paragraph 4.1. of these Rules. Consent to these Rules is total, unconditional and irrevocable.
      4. 4.4. If a Participant is found to have violated the Rules, they will be barred from participating in this Promotion.
      5. 4.5. In the event of a dispute, decisions taken by the Promotion Organizer are deemed to be final and binding.
      6. 4.6. This offer is only available to one person per family, and only one IP address, PC, and account can be used. Customers are prohibited from registering several accounts to increase their chances of winning this Promotion’s Prize Fund.
      7. 4.7. To take part in this Promotion, customers need to do the following during the Promotional period:
        1. 4.7.1. Register/Log in to the 1xBet Betting Company website
        2. 4.7.2. Go to the offer page in the PROMO section
        3. 4.7.3. Upon completing this procedure, the customer becomes a Participant of this Promotion. This fact implies that the customer has read the Terms and Conditions and has given their consent to the processing of their personal data by the Organizer and/or the authorized third parties.



          5.1. The Participant is entitled to:

          Familiarize themselves with the Rules of this Promotion on and receive information about the validity period and Terms of this Promotion;

          Сlaim a prize in the event of the Participant being named as a winner, in accordance with these Rules.

          Сarry out all the actions related to participation in the Promotion and the receipt of prizes within the period specified in the Rules.

          By participating in this Promotion, Participants consent to the collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, updating, modification, use, depersonalization, blocking and destruction of their personal data in the cases and to the extent stipulated by the Rules of the Promotion (hereinafter Consent) with the aim of systematizing the data required for holding the Promotion. Personal data includes name, surname, passport details and email address. Information about the Promotion Participants and other personal data that is received may be used directly by the Organizer or passed on to third parties, with whom the Organizer has a contractual relationship, for processing for advertising or other commercial purposes in order to promote 1xBet Betting Company in any form indefinitely and without any reward. The organizer may ask prize winners, who’ve given their Consent, to take part in interviews, photo and video recordings and advertising for the Promotion. In such cases, Promotion Participants agree to the resulting photo and video materials being published without receiving monetary compensation. Promotion Participants are entitled to revoke their Consent by sending the relevant notification to the Organizer. The Promotion Organizer is entitled to deny participation in a prize draw if a Participant revokes their Consent before the start of the draw.

          5.2. The Organizer is obliged to:

          comply with these Rules, including carrying out all actions related to this Promotion within the period specified in these Rules

          ensure that this Promotion is held in accordance with these Rules

          award the Prizes specified in these Rules to the Winners of the Promotion

          ensure that the Participants of this Promotion are informed of the Rules, as well as the results and the Prize Fund being awarded in accordance with these Rules.


          1. 6.1. Throughout the entire duration of the Promotion, 3 prize winners will be determined on the last day of each month this Promotion is held:
            1. – January 31, 2020
            2. – February 29, 2020
            3. – March 31, 2020
            4. – April 30, 2020

            12 winners will be determined in total, with 3 winners being announced at the end of each month over the course of the Promotional period

          2. 6.2. Over the course of the entire Promotional period, 1xBet Betting Company is obliged to contact the 3 winners within 7 (seven) days of the winners being determined.


            1. 7.1. If a Winner of a Prize cannot be contacted within the time period specified in Paragraph 6.2 of these Rules for reasons beyond the Promotion Organizer’s control, if the winner refuses to fill in the documents required to formalize the receipt of the Prize or if the information required to receive the Prize is not provided in full by the date indicated by the Promotion Organizer, the Prize will be deemed to be unclaimed by the Winner.
            2. 7.2. Prize winners will need to claim their prizes in person at the Camp Nou Accreditation Center in Barcelona (Spain). The Organizer will provide the relevant address and travel directions in an email to the Prize Winners.
            3. 7.3. If the Organizer becomes aware of a Participant violating these Rules (non-compliance with the terms, fraud, abuse of the terms of the Promotion, deliberate provision of false personal information, etc.), they will be excluded from the list of Participants and, in the event they win, they will lose the right to receive a Prize and the Organizer will be entitled to dispose of this Prize as they see fit.
            4. 7.4. The Organizer is deemed to have fulfilled their obligation to issue a Prize as soon as they send information about the receipt of a Prize to the Participant by email.
            5. 7.5. The Organizer shall not be liable in the event that they send information about the Prize Fund to an incorrect email address due to a Promotion Participant providing incorrect personal details.