Apple of Fortune


Apple of Fortune – one of the games in the genre of “guess in a row” in a special section of 1xBet site. It is the colorful desigh without overloaded graphics and clear rules that make the game extremeluy popular among those who want to try their luck.

Register on the website to open the game and try to guess where Snow White’s stepmother hid the good apples and where they snapped. Ten correct answers in one round will help you get a reward more than 300 times higher than the initial bet.

1xGames invites you to visit the enchanted forest hiding riddles. The main riddle is to find out where are the good applea and where are the bad ones. Snow White who is either trying to give a hint or outwit and not allow to win is pn the right side of field.

The playing field consists of 10 lines, each of which has 5 cells. It turns out the table 5 * 10. Good and spoiled apples are mixed in each line. Moreover, the higher the line, the more damaged. So, at the bottom 4 ripe and 1 spoiled, and on the top line – only 1 ripe and 4 spoiled.

The sixth column, located to the right of the playing field, shows the prize. They are displayed after specifying the amount and clicking “Place a bet.” The size of the reward increases in accordance with how high the player gets.

You can choose the amount for the game using the panel with buttons at the bottom of the screen. You can enter a number from the keyboard after clicking on the panel with the number 0. Another option is to type it in green buttons. They can be pressed several times. For example, if you want to play for 12,800 ruppies, click in turn: 10,000, 1000, 1000, 500, 100, 100, 100.