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Be the first player to earn more than 1,000 points by taking tricks to win the game!

There are 24 cards in the deck: 4 suits and 6 cards in each suit. The order of hierarchy (top to bottom) is Ace, Ten, King, Queen, Jack, Nine. The total number of points in one suit is 30. The total number of points in the deck is 120. You can score 0 to 420 points in one turn. Simultaneous play on two or more tables is prohibited.

Glossary of Terms

  • Turn is a unit of play that consists of one card played from each player’s hand.
  • Round is the period of play in the game between one deal and the next.
  • Marriage is when one player is holding the King and Queen of the same suit. A player can also declare an Ace Marriage if he/she is holding 4 aces.
  • The game continues until a player earns 1,001 points or more. The game consists of rounds; the number of rounds is not determined at the start of the game.

How to play

  1. Place a bet. The initial stake is determined before the start of a game.
  2. The maximum stake is 25000 RUB, the minimum stake is 10 RUB.
  3. At the start of the game, all three players are dealt seven cards each, and three cards are put in the stock.


  1. Now players decide how many points they can earn in this round and declare their bids.
  2. The player to the left of the dealer is called the “first hand” and his/her bid must be at least 100 points.
  3. The player who makes the biggest bid wins the bidding round, gets the right to make the first move, and takes the stock cards.
  4. After reviewing the 10 cards in their hand, the bidding winner has to give each opponent one card.
  5. If, after getting their stock card, a player realizes that they cannot earn the points that they declared during the bidding stage, they can finish their turn but they will be fined 120 points. If the player was “on the barrel”, they will “climb down from the barrel” and be fined. Other players will get 60 points for this round and a new round will start.
  6. The maximum possible bid is 300 points.
    Rank Values
    Ace 11 points
    10 10 points
    King 4 points
    Queen 3 points
    Jack 2 points
    9 0 points


  1. Now the bidding winner makes the first move. A Marriage cannot be declared during the first move. A player must take at least one trick before he/she can declare a Marriage. When a Marriage is declared, the player instantly scores points depending on the value of the Marriage and he/she can set the trump suit for the round.
  2. If a player has not taken a trick, they can still make a move with one of the marriage pair cards but the marriage cannot be used, and therefore the trump suit cannot be assigned. A marriage is not declared if a player does not have the full marriage set.
  3. After the first move, players must play one card of the same suit or one trump card. (If a player doesn’t have a card of the same suit, they must play a trump card; if a player does not have a card of the same suit or a trump card, they can play any card at their own discretion.)
  4. To declare a suit of the Marriage to be a trump suit, a player has to make a move with either the Queen or King of the marriage pair. To be able to make a move and declare a suit, the player has to have taken at least one trick.
  5. Any player who is holding four aces and who has taken a trick can declare an Ace Marriage.
  6. After players place down cards, the player with the highest card takes the trick.
  7. The value of each card in the trick is added to the score of the player who won the trick. This player makes the next move.
  8. Each player’s score is calculated after each round based on the tricks taken and marriages declared by the player during the round.
  9. The bidding winner has to earn the declared number of points or more. Otherwise, double the amount of points that they declared will be deducted from their result from the previous round. If the player scored more points than they declared, they will get double the declared amount of points.
  10. If the bidding winner gets as many points as they declared, they will earn double the declared amount of points.
  11. If a player takes zero tricks, they get a “bolt” for that round. If a player gets three “bolts”, they are charged with a fine of 120 points and the number of “bolts” returns to zero.
  12. If a player gets 880 points or more in total, his/her scores are fixed at 880 and not counted any more. The player is said to “climb onto the barrel”.
    Marriage Suit
    Ace Marriage (4 aces) 200 points
    Hearts 100 points
    Diamonds 80 points
    Clubs 60 points
    Spades 40 points

How “The Barrel” is Different from the Other Rounds

  • While playing “on the barrel” there is no bidding. The first move is made by the player who is “on the barrel”. Points are not awarded while someone is “on the barrel”.
  • The player “on the barrel” has three attempts to score 121 points, and is not fined if the three attempts are unsuccessful.
  • If the third attempt is unsuccessful, the player “climbs down from the barrel” and loses 120 points.
  • If another player “climbs onto the barrel”, the player who is currently “on the barrel” “climbs down” and loses 120 points.
  • If more than one player “climbs onto the barrel”, all players who are currently “on the barrel” get “down from it” and are fined 120 points.
  • If a player sitting on the barrel claims to earn 121 points (regardless of whether the points are going to be earned), points and bolts of the opponents are not taken into consideration during this round. They are “standing still”.

The game will end if

  • any player gets onto the barrel and achieves 120 points or more.
  • any player gets more than 1,000 points.

Calculation of Winnings

The player who earns more than 1,000 points wins the game. To calculate the winnings, the stake is multiplied by the odds. The odds are calculated on the basis of how many more points are scored by a player in comparison to other players during the game.

A player’s negative balance is calculated as 0 points.