Angry Birds 10% cashback


You’ll never be bored with online streams of Angry Birds! Place bets and may fortune smile on you.

Angry Birds – online stream of a game where players use a slingshot to launch birds at pigs stationed in or around various structures.

Bets are accepted on a series of games (from 1 to 30) before the start of a series and LIVE. If a player loses during the series, the series ends.

If a bet was placed on a specific map, and the player did not reach it, the bet will be settled with odds of “1” (refund).

Available markets:

  • Total Points (sum of points for all maps)
  • Total stars (sum of stars for all maps)
  • Total Maps (sum of all completed maps)
  • Total points for a specific map
  • Total stars for a specific map.

Watch online matches of Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), place bets and win! Bets are accepted before the start of a game and LIVE.

Available markets (regular time)

  • Regular Time Win
  • Double Сhance
  • Handicap
  • Total (Over; Under)
  • Team Total (Over; Under)
  • Total (Even, Odd)
  • Correct Score
  • Next Goal.

Match Duration: ~35 minutes